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Key Stage Two Home Learning through ‘Google Classroom


Key Stage Two  Home Learning: ‘Google Classroom                 


Before the lockdown in March we decided to use the ‘Hwb’ online platform to set work for Home Learning for the children, and to receive work back in return, using Hwb classes and J2E.

However, on reflection and looking at other online learning platforms, we have decided to change the way we set Home Learning work online and how we set homework for children in general, thus limiting paperwork going back and forth from school to home and vice versa.


We will still be accessing ‘Hwb’, however, the class work will be set through ‘Google Classroom’ which we feel is a better, long term solution for our Home Learning.


The children are familiar with ‘Google Classroom’ as we use this in school and we find this is user friendly and easily accessible to share the Home Learning tasks.

Each pupil has their own username and password (reminder; they are case sensitive), these login details are essential to access the ‘Google Classroom’. They can access ‘Google Classroom’ through the app on any device, through the ‘Hwb’ website, or through a google search of ‘Google Classroom’ on a computer, or by


Please see attached Google Classroom help documents, to support logging into and using Google Classroom.


Home Learning Tasks


We have now developed a Three Tiered approach to Home Learning tasks.


Tier One - School is running as normal.

Homework is set through the ‘Google Classroom’ as follows

  • Year 3 & 4 - 1 piece of homework per week, alternating between Literacy and Maths
  • Year 5 & 6 - 2 pieces of homework per week, 1 Literacy, 1 Maths


These will be given out every Monday and are expected to be completed by the date set by the individual class teachers. 


Tier Two - individual pupils self-isolating for 14 days.

Children will be set an activity grid for the 2 weeks through their Google Classroom account. Children can respond to the teacher and show their home learning work when they have completed it.


Tier Three - Whole class / year group / school closure

In the case of the whole class / year group isolating or a school closure, children will be set an activity grid on a weekly basis, accessed through ‘Google Classroom’ to be completed at home.


Giving homework in


We will be sending home a Home Learning Book along with your child’s Hwb Password card shortly. The children are welcome to use this book to support their homework (e.g. drawing, writing, working out) and your child is not expected to return this book on a weekly basis, it is for use at home. The work completed in this book should be photographed and attached digitally to their ‘Google Classroom’ account as soon as it is completed.


There are many ways to do this depending on the task. 

  • By sending a google doc (like a word document) back to the teacher with the answers on. 
  • By creating a google slide (like powerpoint) to show what they have found out. 
  • By answering a question that the teacher has asked.
  • By responding to the teacher through comments to the teacher.
  • By taking a photo of work completed in their home learning book.
  • By uploading a file.
  • By recording a video
  • By uploading a photo already taken.


Your teacher will give feedback once your work has been uploaded.

If you have any technical questions or problems logging into ‘Google Classrooms’, please email the class teacher, or email Mrs Hancock or Mrs Keeler

You can also visit our website useful website links, for class Home Learning work set in the event of whole class / year group isolating or a school closure and any other home learning information that is sent out.


Thank you for your continued support,


Key Stage Two Teachers.