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Primary School

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Key Stage Two

Key Stage 2 - Juniors

Year 3 to Year 6 - Learning is topic based whilst following

the National Curriculum.


Key stage 2 classes are organised into ability groups for Mathematic lessons. All other subjects are taught in their mixed ability groups.


Key Stage 2

The curriculum is divided into Core subjects and Foundation subjects:


Core                                                            Foundation


English                                                                                     History            Geography

Mathematics                                                                             ICT                  Design Technology

Science                                                                                     Art                  Music

                                                                                                Welsh              P.E.


Religious Education is taught in line with LEA guidelines. The curriculum has a Christian based ethos but we also celebrate other religions.


Personal and Social Education (PSE) is an integral part of the school curriculum and embraces a variety of areas that encourage pupils to live healthy lifestyles, community awareness through citizenship and to foster positive behaviour patterns.


Welsh as a second language, is taught in focused lessons, 15 minute sessions per day and is used incidentally in all activities.


Sex Education is taught within the PSE and Science curriculum. Whilst the Foundation Phase focuses on growing up and feelings, Key Stage 2 begins to look at body changes and emotions. Sex Education in Year 6 generally includes outside providers coming in to talk to the children. Parents are informed of the content of the Sex Education lessons through the Year 6 teachers running a parent information session and via letter.


Parents have the right to withdraw their child from attending Sex Education lessons and they must do so by notifying the headteacher in writing.


The School Day


The school day is organised as follows:


                                    Morning Session:            9.00 a.m.        to         12 noon


                                    Afternoon Session:                                      

                 Juniors                             1.00 p.m.        to         3.30 p.m.


The Junior children can start congregating on their yards from 8.50 a.m, not before, and need to line up in their class groups when the bell rings at 9am. They will then be led into class by their teacher ready for registration. There will be a member of staff on duty on the Junior yard from 8.50 a.m should you have any queries. We politely ask that parents/carers leave the school as soon as the bell is rung. The gates are locked promptly after this time.

Any latecomers are asked to come to the main school office and be signed in by an appropriate adult and reason for lateness noted.


For Health & Safety reasons pupils are not permitted to play ball games, or use school equipment, before or after the school day. Any parent who allows this does so at their own risk. No bikes, scooters, heelys, skateboards etc are to be used or ridden on the school grounds either. 

End of day safeguarding


All parents are required to fill in a 'form' to ensure that teachers are aware of the adults that have permission to pick up the pupils and or what the arrangements are for children going home at the end of the day. All children are instructed to remain in the building until they are collected.