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Health and Illness

Unforeseen absence, health and illness


In the case of absence, please leave a message on the school answerphone or with the school office by 9am stating your child's name, class and detailed reason for absence. The class teacher will then be informed.


The school can immediately authorise an absence if:


  • your child is too ill to attend school
  • they have a dental or medical appointment
  • there is a bereavement of a relative
  • there is a need for religious observance


Is your child well enough for school?

Not every illness needs to keep your child from school.  Is your child well enough to do the activities of the school day or do they have a condition that could be passed on to other children or school staff? If you keep your child away from school, be sure to inform the school on the first day and every subsequent day of their absence. The school will ask about the nature of the illness and how long you expect the absence to last. It is important that a reason is stated for both infection control purposes, should the child be ill, and for the Attendance and Wellbeing service.  Messages that are left, stating purely that your child is 'off' or 'unwell' could lead to an Attendance and Wellbeing referral as your child could be considered 'Missing in Education'.

If it becomes clear that your child will be away for longer than expected, please phone the school as soon as possible to explain this. 


Please note: Children with sickness/diarrhoea must stay off school for 48hrs from the last episode of illness.  


If your child becomes unwell at school, we shall contact you so that they may be collected from school.  Please complete emergency contact numbers in the Parental Consent Forms booklet. It is then your responsibility to ensure they are kept up to date in case of an emergency.