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Criw Cymraeg

Pontyclun Primary School Criw Cymraeg


Criw Cymraeg 2019-20 with our Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award


What we do?


As Criw Cymraeg, we have given ourselves the following job description…


Bob dydd 


Bob wythnos


Yn aml    


Help other children to play yard games in Welsh Meet as the Criw Cymraeg to make decsions. Discuss progress being made in the language charter. Show Power point to whole school during Cymru yn y Canol.
Ensure that the staff are speaking Welsh. Decide on the phrase of the week. Ensure that there is some Welsh on each display.
Ensure that all classes are using Welsh. Lead the Welsh Assembly. Organise fun days for St Davids day, Welsh week, Santes Dwynwen.
  Award pupils and staff for speaking Welsh Run Welsh Competition.



Brawddeg yr Wythnos

Beth wyt ti'n gwisgo? - what are you wearing?

Dw i'n gwisgo …….- I'm wearing …..

Wyt ti'n gwisgo…….? ydw/nag ydw - Are you wearing ….? yes/no

Objective :


The simple objective of the Language Charter is to provide a clear framework, which can be used to promote and increase the use of Welsh by children in a whole school context. In a nutshell, the Charter’s main aim is to promote a strong Welsh ethos in our school and to provide a range of enriching activities that propel the children to enjoy learning Welsh.


The Language Charter exhorts participation from every member of the school community, and members of the school workforce and council, the pupils and their parents, school governors and the wider community are all encouraged to take full ownership of it. The Criw Cymraeg (Welsh Crew) are instrumental in leading and driving the Language Charter forward at Pontyclun Primary.


Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards :


To ensure that all efforts are rewarded, the Charter is based on the principle that every school follows challenging but attainable targets in connection with promoting the use of the Welsh language. The specific targets included in the Language Charter can form part of a school’s Welsh Development Plan.




How can I help my child?

Days of the Week - Dyddiau'r wythnos

• Monday   -    Dydd Llun,

• Tuesday   -   Dydd Mawrth,

• Wednesday -   Dydd Mercher,

• Thursday   -  Dydd Iau,

• Friday  -  Dydd Gwener,

• Saturday   -  Dydd Sadwrn,

•Sunday  -  Dydd Sul

Misoedd – Months of the Year

•Ionawr   –   January

•Chwefror  –   February

•Mawrth   –   March

•Ebrill   –   April

•Mai   –   May

•Mehefin   –   June

•Gorffennaf –   July

•Awst   –   August

•Medi   –   September

•Hydref  –   October

•Tachwedd   –   November

•Rhagfyr   -   December

Penblwydd Hapus             Happy Birthday

•Nadolig Llawen                 Happy Christmas

•Blwyddyn Newydd Dda    Happy New Year

•Pasg Hapus                      Happy Easter

•1 - un,

•2 - dau,

•3 - tri,

•4 -  pedwar,

•5 - pump, 

•6 - chwech,

•7 - saith,

•8 -  wyth,

•9 -  naw,

•10 - deg

Eisteddwch           Sit

•Sefwch                  Stand

•Ewch                     Go

•Dewch                   Come

•Mae hi’n amser…..chwarae / cinio / mynd adref / cofrestr / tacluso.

•It’s…… playtime / dinnertime /   home time / register /  tidy up time.

•Bore da               Good morning

•Prynhawn da      Good afternoon

•Noswaith dda     Good evening

•Nos da                Good night

•Hwyl fawr           Good Bye

•Pwy wyt ti?/Be ydy d’enw di?  

•Who are you/What’s your name?

•……… ydw i     

•I’m ………

•Sut wyt ti?             How are you?

•Bendigedig / Gwych     Fantastic

•Da iawn diolch              Very well thanks

•Ofnadwy                        Terrible

•Wedi blino                     Tired

•Hapus/trist                     Happy/sad


•Glas, •Gwyrdd•Melyn, Du, Pinc


Target One- Establishing a Welsh Ethos


Target Two- To make pupils more aware of advantages of speaking Welsh

Targed Dau

Target Three- Use of incidental Welsh in the classroom.

Targed Tri

Target Four- Use of incidental Welsh outside of the classroom

Targed Pedwar

Target Five - All staff attended weekly Welsh assemblies

Target Six- Apps and websites to enhance learning and enjoyment


Targed Chwech

Target Seven - Enrichment activities

Targed Saith

Target Eight- Developing Reading


Targed Wyth

Target Nine- Welsh across the curriculum

Targed Naw

Target Ten- Positive attitudes

Targed Deg

Our summer 2019 trip to Sain Ffagins