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Spring 2


Easter Bingo Card RCT

As part of a county effort to keep fit over Easter, RCT gave out bingo cards to school in the county. These cards included activities that the children could take part in to stay active over Easter. Please ask your child to bring in any completed bingo cards as they can have a certificate! yes

Before Easter


Technocamps came into Year 5 to teach us coding! It was so much fun. smiley


Welsh Baccalaureate Students

We have been very lucky in Pontyclun Primary to have students from Ypant come to school and deliver PE lessons for us! In Year 5 we took part in football and gymnastics.


World Health Day

It was World Health Day on 12th April. We learnt all about how to keep ourselves fit and healthy on the inside as well as the outside. We took part in Yoga and discussed Mindfulness.



Cardiff bay Bus Tour/ Principality Stadium

On the last day of term Year 5 took a bus tour around Cardiff Bay. The children were very excited and were amazed at some of the information they learnt!

They particularly enjoyed the tour of the Principality Stadium and being able to go inside the changing rooms! We had a pep talk and were ready to play our best for Wales!