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School Visits


During the course of a term your child may visit a place of interest linked to a topic studied in the classroom in order to enhance the learning process. Research has shown that children learn best when involved in practical and first-hand experience.

'I hear and I forget'

'I see and I remember'

'I do and I understand'


Parental permission will always be required for each visit. If this is not provided we will be unable to allow your child to go on the trip. In order that pupils are suitably supervised we often request the assistance of parents to accompany the class teacher.


It may be necessary to ask for voluntary contributions towards the cost of a visit if it takes place during school time.  Pupils attending weekend courses will have to pay the requested amount.


However, the school reserves the right to cancel any activity if the contributions cannot cover the cost of the visit.


Teaching staff may, on certain occasions, visit the local community. We will ask you to sign a parental consent form covering these local visits.  The pupils will always be well supervised on all occasions.

EV4 Parental Consent Trip Form