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Summer 2

Roller Coasters - June 2019


For our topic 'Scream Machine' we have been focusing on roller coasters. The pupils have worked extremely hard on this project in which they have designed, created and evaluated their roller coasters with some outstanding results their hard work deserved!


Da Iawn Pawb!

Our Roller Coasters - June 2019

Dwr Cymru Class Trip - 27th June 2019


On a sunny June day, we all thoroughly enjoyed our class trip to Welsh Water where we learnt of the importance of water for our planet all took part in some interesting and exciting activities such as pond dipping and creating a water cycle. We had a great time!

Dwr Cymru - 27th June 2019

Our Beautiful World - July 2019


This week the main area of focus has been on 'Our Beautiful World' and will continue next week. Following our class immersion day, the pupils thought of a wide range of interesting and exciting activities that we could focus on. The pupils have really enjoyed getting involved in all number of activities including cloud painting which is linked to our investigation on clouds and rainfall, researching different climates from around the world, creating their own animal food chains and thinking of the importance of healthy living when creating their food pyramids and researching music from around the world!

We cant wait to continue with this topic next week and see more outstanding, creative pieces of work!

Our Beautiful World