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Reading one of the most important things your child will learn at Pontyclun Primary School. Here, at Pontylcun, we recognise the importance of ensuring our pupils are provided with the necessary skills that will allow them to access the world we live in, as well as promoting a love of reading! 


“Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are.”  


We recognise that reading is a complex skill made up of many parts and it is therefore important that, whilst at school, your child is provided with an opportunity to develop as a confident and competent reader. 


Reading at Pontyclun Primary School: 

At Pontyclun Primary School, we have invested in a variety of reading schemes with the intention to encourage every child to access a range of texts suited to their own personal interests, whilst also extending their reading ability and confidence. The reading schemes that are available in school are: Oxford Reading Tree and Project X for reading at home and Rigby Star and Rigby Navigation as used as part of our guided group reading carousels. The children also have access to a extensive collection of books from their classroom’s reading area which provides them with a whole variety of different texts to share and enjoy.  


As part of our subject policy, your child will read once a week with their class teacher - either individually or as part of a guided group reading carousel - as well as being given opportunities to experience a progressively wide range of demanding texts as part of their classroom learning.  


What can parents & carers do to help? 

Not only is it essential for your child to read in school, but it is also important to remember to keep reading to your child, as well as listening to them and question their understanding of what they read and what they hear. This will encourage and accelerate their comprehension skills especially in relation to inference and deduction in Key Stage 2.  


By sharing a story with your child for 10 minutes a day, they will be exposed to a more adventurous vocabulary and begin to develop a deeper understanding of different stories and genres, as well as becoming an able and confident reader. But above all, it will encourage them to engage with reading, love books and ultimately read more!  


Below are links to book lists and questioning strategies that you can share and enjoy at home with your child.