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Maths is an essential skill that plays an important role throughout life.  At Pontyclun Primary we teach children how to make sense of the world by developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems, providing them with important life skills.


When teaching mathematics we aim to:

  • promote enjoyment of maths through fun, practical activities that encourage exploration and discussion.
  • build children’s confidence and competence with numbers and the number system.
  • develop the ability to solve problems and develop reasoning skills.
  • understand the importance of mathematics in everyday life.



This year we have introduced Abacus Maths to support our school curriculum.  Abacus is a maths toolkit that has been written for the new primary maths curriculum. It’s been carefully crafted to create inspired and confident young mathematicians!


It provides colourful, fun interactive activities that are used in the classroom and for homework to build on skills and consolidate previous learning.  Although we use the scheme we do adapt it to suit each class and individual children in order to meet the needs and requirements of the children on an individual level.


In addition, Abacus Evolve has many distinctive features:

  • It provides a wide range of open-ended and problem-solving activities, visible at every stage and in each part of the programme. These activities, both in teaching and learning, are at the core of every component.
  • By making the adaptable plan the centre of the scheme, teachers are given the flexibility to select uniquely sequenced activities designed to meet the needs of their pupils, giving teachers the fantastic option of tailoring each lesson to their class’s requirements.