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Summer Term 'Dens and Dandelions'


This project has a forest skills and science focus which teaches

the children about plants, flowers, trees and creatures found in a

woodland habitat. At the heart of this project children will learn

how to write simple reports about their first hand experiences

and develop additional skills in explanation, information and

story writing.

In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding

by holding a fun day for Princess Dandelion and the woodland


In this project the children will learn:

About a woodland habitat and what lives and grows there;

To use scientific and mathematical skills to observe, record,

and present information;

How to care for a woodland habitat;

How to use design technology skills to make structures and

prepare food;

To work as part of a team;

To develop their ICT and writing skills;

About sustainability;

How to write simple reports and explanations.