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Summer 1

Immersion Week!

Year 4 allowed us the opportunity to share their immersion day. Even though we have different topics, we have linked the Robot Wars to designing and creating a roller coaster and looking at how the different rides operate.

And aren’t we glad we joined them! What a fantastic morning we had! Robot Wars came to school to deliver a workshop on how to build a Robot. We watched videos of Robot Wars and created our own. At the end we had the opportunity to fight the other teams Robots!


We have been doing lots of test practice this week and working our brains really hard!

To give our brains a well deserved break, we took part in Kagan team building activities out on the yard. It was lots of fun AND we cooperated effortlessly in our tasks.


All Aboard was one activity that we completed. Miss Stewart and Mr Cottle drew circles on the floor and all our team mates had to get inside the circle. Each time we completed the task they made our circles smaller!