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Parent Council

Pontyclun Primary School Parent Council


The Parent Council is a group of parents whose aims are to create an inclusive and welcoming school environment.

The Parent Council exists to represent and involve parents with the school to the benefit of all the children in the school.

We do that by working as a partnership made up of parents and teachers aiming to make Pontyclun Primary School the best it can be for all the children.


The Parent Council …


  • Is an important route of communication between teachers, parents and the pupils
  • Works to improve parental involvement within the school
  • Devise, organise and develop ideas that provide opportunities and benefits to pupils and families
  • Helps the school determine important school matters – School Development Plan, Bullying Policy, Homework Policy, Curriculum for Excellence etc
  • Encourages parents who take on a supportive role in their child’s learning to make a huge difference in improving achievement and behaviour