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Breakfast Clubs/After School Clubs

Breakfast Clubs/After School Clubs


In line with Welsh Government guidance consideration will be given to the recommencement of breakfast clubs and after school provision following the phased return of all learners to school over a two week period in September. A staged approach to the re-introduction will be adopted following a review of the capacity of schools to meet demand whilst maintaining discrete contact groups and safe social distancing, where possible.


There will be no breakfast clubs or afterschool club provision for the first two weeks of term whilst this review is undertaken and portable breakfast provision will be made available for eFSM learners only during this period.


Thereafter, application processes for accessing provision will be agreed in partnership with schools to manage and a cap placed on numbers to ensure that health and safety, and appropriate social distancing requirements are met. Eligibility criteria will be devised and shared with schools. Where demand exceeds supply, clear eligibility criteria will be applied by schools and numbers accessing provision reduced in the short term to ensure safe management.


Key Actions:
• A phased approach to re-introducing breakfast club and wrap around care to be adopted from week 3 of the autumn term onwards.
• Numbers will be capped and where demand exceeds supply, priority will be given to eFSM, vulnerable learners and single parent working families
• Local authority to develop eligibility criteria and to jointly agree application processes with schools, who will retain responsibility for provisions
• Eligible children will access portable breakfast provision for the first two weeks of term.