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KS2 Return to school

As you no doubt are aware, the Minister for Education has announced that pupils in KS2 can return to face to face teaching from Monday March 15th. It is, therefore, with great pleasure, that I can inform you that all children are able to return to school on Monday.


On returning to school, the systems that were in place before the present lockdown will remain. There will be a staggered start to the day from 8.40am – 9.00am and children will go straight to their classroom. Similarly there will be a staggered end to the school day with pupils able to be picked up from 3.20pm -3.30pm. Parents/carers will still need to follow the one way system around the school, entering via the pedestrian gate of the Maesyfelin entrance and leaving via the staff car park gates by the library. The drop and go system will still operate and we would urge parents/carers to not congregate and meet other parents/carers whilst on the school grounds. We would also urge all parents/carers to wear a mask whilst on the school grounds unless medically exempt.


Parents/carers will not be permitted into the school buildings, with the exception of the school office, unless by appointment. If parents/carers need to contact the class teacher please do so via their hwb e-mail accounts in the first instance.


If parents/carers need to visit the school office then can you please observe a one in one out rule. For non-urgent issues can these be via e-mail- If queuing outside the office please can you observe the two metre social distancing protocols.


The school office is open to sell school uniform.

School dinners will be available for those pupils who want them, and these will be collected by the pupils to eat in the classrooms. Those pupils having sandwiches will also eat in the classrooms.


The school will still continue to maintain class bubbles for pupils in school and run staggered playtimes and lunchtimes for the different year groups.


It is such a relief that we are able to welcome your child/ren back to school and we look forward to seeing them all again soon. However, we would urge parents/carers to still follow the Welsh Government guidelines on socialising with other families to minimise the risk of infection rates going back up.


If your child displays any of the symptoms of Covid-19- a new continuous cough, a high temperature or the loss of taste and smell, then please keep your child and any siblings off school and organise a test. Please send your test result to school via the e-mail address and, If it comes back negative your child can return to school as normal.


If pupils are in receipt of a shielding letter, self-isolating pending a positive result or self-isolating due to a positive result then work will be provided by the class teacher. If however parents/carers wish to keep their child off school for other reasons, then work will not be provided. All absences need to be reported to the school office with an explanation of the reason for absence.


We look forward to seeing you all next week.