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Returning to school in September


We were pleased with yesterday’s announcement from the Minister for Education regarding schools reopening for the autumn term in Wales starting from Tuesday, September 1st. It will be lovely to be able to welcome all pupils back to school and at last return to some form of normality. 


Welsh Government have stated, that the first fortnight back will be used to allow schools time for extra planning and re-organisation and all pupils will be back in full time provision by Monday September 14th.


Our priority now, is planning on ensuring we are able to get back to some sense of usual school life as soon as possible whilst working within the restrictions that the ongoing pandemic places on us to keep everyone safe.


Following on from yesterday’s announcement we are currently working on plans for ensuring all children can return as soon and as safely as possible with minimum disruption. 


I hope that, providing the local authority inform us quickly of their expectations, I can share with you the plans for the start of term early next week.


Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter .