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School will not be open for the proposed 4th week

As you are no doubt aware, RCT have informed schools that we are not to open for the week of the 20th July due to union involvement and childcare issues for parents / carers in neighbouring authorities who had already decided to close. It was a decision that we, as a school, although fully understanding the reasons behind it, were bitterly disappointed had been made, as until that time we were fully committed to the 4th week of teaching and had made arrangements for this to occur. However, RCT has made the decision and we will therefore not be open for that week.


At present we are looking at how we can, if possible, make adjustments to our arrangements to try and ensure all pupils receive equal teacher contact time, bearing in mind we are; obliged to keep our numbers in school below 1/3 of our total school number; teaching groups must remain at no more than 8 pupils at any one time; hub children take priority and must be catered for first; and that we have enough staff to cover the different classes. At present we do not have an answer to how we will achieve this but parents / carers will be informed of our decision as soon as possible.