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Welsh Hearts

Welsh Hearts, a heart health charity, will be visiting the school on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 to speak to our pupils about heart health and awareness. If you wish to know more about them, please follow this link

On this occasion, we would like to ask for a donation of £1 per pupil.  This is to go towards the cost of a defibrillator.  We already have some money towards this and would like to take this opportunity to get closer to our target. 

Throughout the day pupil's will be taking part in the following activities.

Nursery - Yr2

All Foundation Phase classes will be given a talk about heart health and the benefits of CPR.

Please can each child bring in a teddy to practice CPR on. Please can you ensure you clearly label your child's teddy, in the event of teddies wondering off / exploring, with your child's name and class.

Year 3 - Year 5

Pupils will be given a talk about heart health and the benefits of CPR, followed by a demonstration of how to deliver CPR.

Thursday 4th April - Year 6

In addition to their talk, all year 6 pupils will receive CPR training.